What is "WhizzBall!"?

WhizzBall! is a classic online puzzle-game from the early 2000's created by Andries Odendaal for the original Discovery Kids website. Many children and adults alike enjoyed playing, with its combination of challenging user-created puzzles and its inherent social aspect.

But eventually, the game was shutdown. An archived version of the game was still available on archive.org, though without the online server that handled accounts and puzzle sharing, the game was left essentially unplayable.

That's where this project comes in! I'm Joshua Stone, an indie game developer who played WhizzBall! quite a bit when I was younger. After looking back at the game and finding the game had indeed been shutdown, I decided to get the game back up and running again myself.

This version of the game connects to my own custom server built with PHP & MySQL, designed to mimic the behavior the game expected from the original server. In fact, the game client files (.swf's) themselves required no modification.

The Community

Having fun playing the game? Want to chat with other players like you? Come join our community Discord server!

If you'd like to help support my ability to keep the game running & properly maintained, consider supporting the work my brothers and I do together at our small indie game development studio over on Pateron!


WhizzBall! is the intellectual property of Discovery, Inc. and/or Andries Odendaal. This project is not intended to infrenge on their respective rights, but simply to preserve their work for archival purposes.